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Exercising in cold weather

If you are one of the many people who stop exercising when the mercury drops, think again. Abandoning your fitness routine during winter will get you out of shape and it will be harder to start back when the weather changes.

The main thing to consider during cold weather is keep warm. Dress in layers with a thin synthetic fabric close to your body to draw away the sweat. Stretching and warning up prior to exercise is of paramount importance, and spend extra time with these during the colder months. Without proper warm-up, you are asking for trouble.

Older people should be especially cautious about exercising in cold weather, as this can trigger chest pains. Check with your doctor first, especially if you suffer from asthma, heart disease or diabetes.

Stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids. Water or sports drinks work best. Avoid alcohol as this increases heat loss. Caffeinated beverages also cause dehydration.

Exercise indoors during those extreme temperatures. Make use of home exercise equipment, which does not have to be expensive. A bench, a pair of dumbbells or weighted balls and some resistance bands can give you enough for a really good workout. You can do crunches, squats, lunges and stretches all within the warmth and comfort of your home. If you lack motivation to exercise on your own, then join a gym.


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