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Tips on improving your health

Keep excess weight off to improve back and knee rehabilitation

There are many good reasons for you to maintain an appropriate body weight, including:

  • Easier health management
  • Better control of risk factors (e.g. blood pressure, sugar levels, cholesterol)
  • Improved quality of life (i.e. self-confidence, more agility)

The popular Body Mass Index (BMI) is a good, way to gauge your present condition. However, you should also monitor the shape you’re in and the effort you expend while performing daily chores or basic exercises (e.g. touching toes while standing, squats). If you frequently find yourself with aches, pains, or shortness of breath, it may be worth your while to lose some weight.

Often overlooked is the positive impact weight loss can have on physical rehabilitation and recovery. It’s tough enough coming back from injury without having to deal with weight issues. In particular, the success rate for back and knee rehab increases as you keep the excess weight off.


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