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Physiotherapy for children

Paediatrics is one of the more challenging but rewarding domains of physiotherapy. Therapists who work with children have the unique advantage of rehabilitating little bodies while having fun doing it. As with adults, the physiotherapist begins by performing an evaluation to determine the extent of the child's illness or injury. Since the child is not always able to give accurate information, it is helpful to have a parent or guardian present.

A wide range of conditions ranging from orthopaedic to neurological are treated in the clinic. Among the most common are: cerebral palsy, sports injuries, traumatic brain injury and spina bifida, to name a few. Cerebral palsy is a neurological disorder for which there is no cure. Gross motor problems such as lack of coordination and postural control are the main features. The physiotherapist works with the child and parents to achieve the highest level of functioning possible. Spina bifida patients may or may not have use of their lower extremities. In the latter case, physiotherapy will focus on wheelchair assessment, fitting and training. The child may also be taught to transfer independently, depending on the extent of the disability.

Sports injuries and traumatic brain injury (TBI) are common among pre-teens and teenagers who are very active. Some accident victims may suffer from TBI. In the case of sports injuries, the physiotherapist will address pain prescribe stretching and strengthening exercises. Training in the use of crutches or other mobility device may be part of therapy. For the TBI victim, the focus may be on gait, posture and coordination.

We are creative in designing treatment programs that will hold your child's interest through play and other moving equipment to challenge and motivate her/him to participate. We all have the same goal; helping your child reach full potential in the most pleasurable way.


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