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Prescribed exercises; stick to the plan

Upon being discharged from physiotherapy treatment, your physiotherapist will very likely give you a home exercise program of exercises to follow. This is important to getting you back to your prior level of functioning; therefore when you get home, don't dismiss these. If it wasn't important to follow your program, we wouldn't have prescribed it to you.

Many people return to the clinic as a result of non-compliance. Take this scenario: You are instructed to perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions of an exercise 3 times a day to increase your range of motion. You do it once a day. After a week, the limb or joint is still stiff and painful and you cannot move it any further than you could when you ended your therapy. Conversely, you think that doing 6 sets instead of 3 will get you better faster. Instead you may seriously injure yourself and be worse off than when you were discharged.

We may have advised you to perform aerobic exercises such as walking, cycling or swimming. These are excellent for increasing your energy, toning the body and assisting in your recovery. However, you should follow the plan. If your program indicates one of these routines 3 times a week for 45 minutes, then that is what you should do. Of course, there may be exceptions. If, for some reason, you don't feel well, let's say you are coming down with the flu, then you should cut down on your exercises, and when you feel better, you can ease back into your routine.

If you are following the prescribed exercises correctly and problems occur, you should contact us. If on the other hand, everything is going fine and you feel you are capable of doing more than what is prescribed, then by all means let us know. It may be time to upgrade your routine in order to maximise your potential for recovery. But in everything, remember to stay safe by sticking to the plan.


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