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Weak thumb

There are several possible causes of a weak thumb. Symptoms can be indicative of deeper problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome, or a result of an injury to the wrist, or thumb itself, such as muscle sprains or bone fractures. Your physiotherapist can help you determine, along with your physician, the reasons for weak thumb abduction and help you develop a program for relief and strengthening.

Any pain or weakness in the body is serious and should not be ignored. For improved dexterity your physiotherapist may suggest a wide variety of exercises such as isometric exercises and therapy balls or putty that can be squeezed. These physiotherapy devices are not expensive and can be easily carried in a small purse or pocket so you can perform the exercises anytime. For symptoms caused by carpal tunnel syndrome having hand therapy balls, or putty on hand to give hand a different activity during the times you spend at the keyboard, or other activities helps to alleviate the pressure on the carpal nerve.

Other reasons for weak thumb problems may be degenerative joint diseases such as arthritis. A physiotherapist can provide relief from many of the aches associated with such diseases through stress relieving exercises easily performed throughout the day. Exercise has been clinically shown to help the symptoms of arthritis but it is important to perform each exercise correctly in order to not cause further trauma to joints and bones.

Some thumb injuries occur from an over-stretching of the brachial plexus, the major muscle that controls thumb movement. This problem is often a result of a weak hand structure and is best overcome with proper exercises to strengthen the muscles of the hand.

Before engaging in any form of exercise it is wise to consult a professional who can ensure you are selecting proper routines and performing them correctly. Your physiotherapist will likely schedule routine visits to be sure your therapy is continuing at an appropriate pace, the selected exercises are improving muscle condition, and add to the routines as needed to achieve a greater degree of success.

If the reasons for your weak thumb symptoms are caused by a deeper problem, your physiotherapist may recommend you seek a physician's consultation as well to help them properly guide you and make sure there are no further complications. It is very important to not self-diagnose your problem as you may easily miss important elements that signal a need for more intensive medical care, and may miss important elements to an exercise routine that will allow your injury to heal properly.

For an in-depth consultation regarding weak thumb injuries or causes, get in touch with us. We will get you on the road to recovery quickly.


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